chinese law

Prof. Peter K. Yu

Washington & Lee University School of Law

Spring 2009



suggested paper topics

General Topics

  • The Chinese Courts

  • The Chinese Legal Profession

  • The Chinese Legal Tradition

  • The Chinese Legislative Process

  • Civil Law Versus Common Law

  • Confucianism and Legalism

  • Law and Political Reforms

  • Law Enforcement in China

  • Legal Education in China

  • Legal Institutions in China

  • Legal Transplants in China

  • Local Rules and Law Reforms

Hot Topics

  • China and Public International Law

  • China and the Rule of Law

  • China and the WTO

  • Constitutionalism in China

  • Criminal Justice in China

  • Free Speech in China

  • Human Rights in China

  • Intellectual Property Protection in China

  • Internet Regulation in China

  • Local Protectionism in China

  • Property Rights in China

Historical Interests

  • Law in the Tang Dynasty

  • Law in the Sung Dynasty

  • Law in the Ming Dynasty

  • Law in the Qing Dynasty 

  • Law in the Republican Era

  • Law in the Mao Era

  • Law During the Cultural Revolution

  • Legal Reform in the Wake of China's Reopening

Selected Areas

  • Administrative Law

  • Agricultural Law

  • Bankruptcy Law

  • Criminal Law and Procedure

  • Civil Law

  • Conflict of Laws

  • Contract Law

  • Commercial and Corporate Law

  • Disability Law

  • Environmental Law

  • Family Law

  • Health and Consumer Protection Laws

  • Immigration Law

  • Labor Law

  • Property Law

  • Securities Law

  • Tort Law

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