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directed study


Students may receive credit for research and writing in areas of interest to them.  This must be worked out in advance with a member of the full-time faculty.  Ordinarily a paper of at least 30 pages is required, not counting endnotes, for two hours credit.  A maximum of four credit hours may be applied towards graduation.  Students on Reexamination Probation II are ineligible for directed studies.  If you are interested in doing a directed study under my supervision, please email me or drop by my office to discuss your interests and intended study.


Pursuant to Academic Polices and Procedures, the guidelines for directed studies are as follows:

1.     The participating student should produce a paper that is a minimum of 30 pages long, not counting endnotes.

2.     During the course of the directed study, the professor should engage in regular meetings with the participating student.

3.     During the course of the directed study, the participating student should submit at least three documents to the professor: an outline, a rough draft, and a final draft.

Subject Areas for Supervising Written Work:

  • Chinese Law

  • Communications Law

  • Comparative Law

  • Intellectual Property

  • International Law

  • International Trade

  • Rule of Law in Transitional and Less Developed Countries

  • Media Law in the former Soviet Union and Transitional Countries

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