IP in the internet age

Prof. Peter K. Yu

Drake University Law School

Spring 2014



administrative policies

Mandatory E-mail Policy
     I will use e-mail to communicate course-related announcements.  You must provide me with an e-mail address and monitor messages sent to that address.  Please send a blank e-mail message to peter.yu@drake.edu with “International IP Law Class” as the subject line.  If I do not receive an e-mail from you by Feburary 1, I assume you have already dropped the course.
Attendance Policy
     You are required to attend all classes.  I reserve the right to take attendance, although absences are obvious in a seminar like this one.  Any student who has missed more than 15% of class meetings may not be eligible for completing the final paper.  You must keep track of your own absences and will be informed if you have missed more than 15% of the class meetings.  You will be excused for medical emergencies, recognized religious holidays, or death in the immediate family only if you inform me of the reasons for your absence.

Grading Policy

     There will be no final examination.

     Your final grade will be computed based on the following factors:

Short Paper 1


Short Paper 2




Research Paper


     I reserve the right to award extra credit for excellent participation in class and to reduce your course grade for lack of preparation for the class or for habitual tardiness (i.e., arriving late for class).  Extra credit (or penalty) will only be added (or deducted) after the final grade has been computed.  Under no circumstances will participation improve or reduce the final grade by more than 2/3 of your grade (e.g., from B- to B+).

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