IP licensing

Prof. Peter K. Yu

Drake University Law School

Spring 2015



course description

This course focuses on the licensing of intellectual property, covering copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and rights of publicity. It will emphasize the various terms that should be considered in license agreements and the negotiation perspectives of licensors and licensees.

Students will be exposed to the concepts of technology transfer and management of intellectual property. They will also be required to engage in the consideration and drafting of license terms. 

There will be no final exam. Grades will be based on two drafting exercises and a final licensing project as approved by the instructor. Each student is also required to make a presentation to the seminar based on this final project.

Co-requisites: Copyright Law (LAW 227), Patent Law (LAW 228), Trademark and Unfair Competition Law (LAW 271) or Intro to Intellectual Property (LAW 282).

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