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Director, Center for Law and Intellectual Property

Texas A&M University




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Courtesy: Michigan State University College of Law


December 13-17, 2005

Commentator, "Recovering Multilateralism in IP Policy Making: Can the WTO Deliver?"

Hong Kong Trade and Development Symposium

Hong Kong


December 9-10, 2005

Conference Co-organizer and Presenter, "The WTO Complaint Against China and the New Cycle of Futility"

"IP3: Intellectual Property, Innovation Policies and International Perspectives" Conference

University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law


November 4-5, 2005

Presenter, "Toward the Development of Intellectual Property Protection Through the Sustainable Development Paradigm"

Working Group on Property, Citizenship, and Social Entrepreneurism (PCSE), Syracuse University

The Greenberg House, Washington, D.C.


October 31, 2005

Lecture, "From Pirates to Partners (Episode II)"

Marquette University Law School


October 27, 2005

Panelist, "Intellectual Property & Piracy in China: The Next Chapter"

Georgetown University Law Center


October 20-22, 2005

Organizing Committee, Chair and Panelist, "International Norms and Post-WTO China"

"International Norms in the 21st Century: Development and Compliance Revisited"

International Law Weekend 2005: "International Norms in the 21st Century: Development and Compliance Revisited"

New York


October 13-15, 2005

Moderator, "Game Intellectual Property Law, Policy and Issues"

Future Play 2005: The International Academic Conference on the Future of Game Design and Technology

Michigan State University


October 7-8, 2005

Presenter, "Grokster and Induceter"

3rd Annual Work-in-Progress Intellectual Property Colloquium

Washington University School of Law


October 7, 2005

Panelist, "International Aspects of Third- Party Liability"

Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal Symposium: "Third-Party Liability in Intellectual Property Law"

Santa Clara University School of Law


October 3-6, 2005

Panelist, "Digital Inclusion"

ITU Telecom Americas 2005

Salvador da Bahia, Brazil


July 18-21, 2005

Plenary Panelist, "Media Policy and Regulation: Challenges of Convergence & Ownership"

"Media and Society in Asia: Transformations and Transitions"

14th Asian Media Information and Communication Centre Conference



July 11-13, 2005

Panelist, "International Reports"

Intellectual Property: Bridging Aesthetics and Economics
2005 Congress of the International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property (ATRIP)
University of Montreal Faculty of Law


July 10-15, 2005

Lectures, "U.S. and International Patent Laws: Pertinent Laws and Regulations" and "Other Forms of IP: Copyrights, Designs, Trademarks, Geographical Indications"

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Technology Transfer: An International Internship Program

Michigan State University


June 19, 2005

Lecture, "Recent Developments in the China-U.S. Intellectual Property Policy"

Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Wuhan, China


June 18, 2005

Presenter, "TRIPs and Its Discontents," 2005 International Conference on "Changes and Developments in the International Intellectual Property System in the Post-TRIPS Era"

Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Wuhan, China


June 2-5, 2005

Presenter, "Toward a Theory of Intellectual Human Rights"

"Intellectual Property, Human Rights, and Sociolegal Dreams"

2005 Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association

Las Vegas


May 23-24, 2005

Conference Organizer and Presenter, "The Path of Sinicyberlaw"

"Digital Silk Road: A Look at the First Decade of China's Internet Development and Beyond"

Third Annual Chinese Internet Research Conference

Michigan State University College of Law


April 15, 2005

Panelist, "Intellectual Property Rights"

Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law Symposium: "U.S.-China Trade:  Opportunities and Challenges"

Dean Rusk Center—International, Comparative, and Graduate Legal Studies

University of Georgia


April 14, 2005

Lecture, "Private Property in a Public Market: Intellectual Property Rights with Chinese Characteristics"

Syracuse University College of Law


April 12, 2005

Panelist, International Trends in Digital Copyright Law


15th Annual Conference on Computers, Freedom & Privacy



April 8-9, 2005

Symposium Organizer

Michigan State Law Review Symposium: "W(h)ither the Middleman: The Role and Future Intermediaries in the Information Age"
Michigan State University College of Law


April 4, 2005

Panelist, "TRIPs and Its Discontents"

Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review Symposium: "The First Ten Years of the TRIPs Agreement"

Marquette University Law School


March 24, 2005

Lecture, "TRIPs and Its Discontents"

International Law Society

Michigan State University College of Law


March 21-22, 2005

Presenter, "Thinking Outside the Legal Box: Alternative Strategies to Protect Intellectual Property in China"

"Building and Enforcing IP Value in China" Conference

San Francisco


March 11-12, 2005

Chair and Presenter, "Self-Determination and Intellectual Human Rights," "Creative Control and Cultural Heritage"

Chair, "Reconceptualizing Intellectual Property"

8th Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Law, Culture, and the Humanities

University of Texas—Austin


February 18-19, 2005
Roundtable Organizer and Presenter, "The Path of SiniCyberlaw"

Second Annual Intellectual Property and Communications Law and Policy Scholars Roundtable
Michigan State University College of Law


February 5, 2005

Presenter, "The Parth of SiniCyberlaw"

"The Law and Information Interface in the Digitally Networked Society: Is a Conceptual Rethink Imperative?" Conference

School of Legal Studies, University of Wolverhampton


January 10, 2005

Roundtable Participant

"Politics, News and the Internet in China"

MT&R Media Center Dialogue

Museum of Television and Radio, New York

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