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Courtesy: Michigan State University College of Law



November 29-December 3, 2004

Dialogue Participant, "Moving The Pro-Development IP Agenda Forward: Preserving Public Goods in Health, Education and Learning"

The Bellagio Series on Development and Intellectual Property Policy
Rockefeller Foundation's Bellagio Study and Conference Center
Bellagio, Italy


November 12-13, 2004

Presenter, "Private Property in a Public Market: Intellectual Property Rights with Chinese Characteristics"

Working Group on Property, Citizenship, and Social Entrepreneurism (PCSE), Syracuse University

The Greenberg House, Washington, D.C.


October 14-16, 2004

Program Committee, Chair and Presenter, "Currents and Crosscurrents in the International Intellectual Property Regime"

"Is the International Intellectual Property Regime Broken?"

International Law Weekend 2004: "Worlds in Collision? International Law and National Realities"

New York


October 13, 2004

Panelist, "Looking to the Future . . . Some Campus Connections"

MSU Extension Conference 2004: "Partnerships for Advancing Knowledge and Transforming Lives"

Michigan State University


October 12, 2004

Symposium Co-organizer

"Free Trade and Counterfeiting Havens: A Cross-Industry Dialogue" Symposium

Michigan State University College of Law


October 7-10, 2004

Presenter, "Toward a Theory of Intellectual Human Rights"

"Addressing Critical National & International Issues"

Second National People of Color Scholarship Conference

The George Washington University Law School


October 1, 2004

Presenter, "The Sweet and Sour Story of Chinese Intellectual Property Rights"

"Intellectual Property in Late Developer Countries and Emerging Economies"

"Intellectual Property Rights, Economic Development and Social Welfare: What Does History Tell Us"

ESRC Research Seminar Series

Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute, University of London


September 24-25, 2004

Conference Host and Steering Committee

11th Annual Conference of Asian Pacific American Law Faculty (CAPALF): "APA Education in the Twenty-first Century"

Michigan State University College of Law


September 13, 2004

Symposium Organizer and Moderator, "Challenges in International Patent Practice"

"Continuing Challenges in Patent Practice" 

2004 Patent Law Day

Michigan State University College of Law


September 10-11, 2004

Presenter, "Currents and Crosscurrents in the International Intellectual Property Regime"

2nd Annual Work-in-Progress Intellectual Property Colloquium

Boston University School of Law


September 6-9, 2004

Panelist, "Capitalizing on Content"

ITU Telecom Asia 2004

Busan, South Korea


Aug. 2-3, 2004

Presenter, "The Trust and Distrust of Intellectual Property Rights"

4th Annual Intellectual Property Scholars Conference

DePaul University College of Law


July 11-16, 2004

Lectures, "U.S. and International Patent" and "Legal Aspects of Intellectual Property Protection Programs: Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Patents, and Plant Variety Certification"

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Technology Transfer: An International Internship Program

Michigan State University


July 1-3, 2004

Panelist, "Media Ownership and Development in Asia"

"Impact of New & Old Media on Development in Asia"

13th Asian Media Information and Communication Centre Conference

Bangkok, Thailand


June 24-26, 2004

Panelist, "Trade, Investment & Human Rights: Avenues for Promoting Workers' Rights and Labour Standards"

Conference for Action: Human Rights for the Millions

Fordham University School of Law


June 17-18, 2004

Presenter, "The Trust and Distrust of Intellectual Property Rights"

International Symposium on Human Rights, Human Dignity and the Information Society, McGill University Faculty of Law


May 27-30, 2004

Presenter, "DMCA and Cybersecurity"

Digital Information

Chair, Discussant

Patents, Trademarks, Commodification, and Cost

2004 Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association



April 31-May 1, 2004

Moderator, "Standard Settings, Infrastructures, and Designs"

"China's Digital Future: The Impact of Information and Communications Technologies on Chinese Society"

Second Annual Chinese Internet Research Conference

Graduate School of Journalism, University of California at Berkeley


April 26, 2004

Presenter, "Basic Principles of Copyright and Related Rights"
WIPO/UNITAR Workshop on International Intellectual Property
WIPO Coordination Office, New York


April 14-16, 2004

Presenter, "Recent Developments in Asian Law"

12th Fordham Annual International Intellectual Property and Policy Conference

Fordham University School of Law


April 2, 2004

Lecture, "The Networks of Contradictions and a Tale of Two Chinas"

Centre for Innovation Law and Policy

University of Toronto Faculty of Law


April 1, 2004

Panelist, "Asian Pacific Americans at Cardozo: Past, Present, and Future"

2004 Asian Pacific American Alumni Panel

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University


March 26-27, 2004
Symposium Organizer 

Michigan State Law Review Symposium: "Intellectual Property, Sustainable Development, and Endangered Species: Understanding the Dynamics of the Information Ecosystem"
Michigan State University-DCL College of Law


March 12-13, 2004

Chair & Presenter, "New Technology and the Supreme Court," "Conceptualizing the Metrics"

7th Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Law, Culture, and the Humanities

University of Connecticut School of Law


February 24-25, 2004

Conference Co-organizer and Chair, "Balancing Business, Consumer and Citizen Interests in the Digital Society"

"Harnessing the Swarm: Business Strategies, Rights Management and Policy for the New Media"

5th Annual Quello Communications Policy & Law Symposium

Washington, D.C.


February 20-21, 2004
Roundtable Organizer and Presenter, "Intellectual Property and the Sixth Estate"

First Annual Intellectual Property and Communications Law and Policy Scholars Roundtable
Michigan State University-DCL College of Law


February 13-14, 2004

Panelist, "Multinational Corporate Conduct and Responsibility in Asia"

"Globalization: The Modern Silk Road?"

2004 Asia Business Conference

Harvard Business School


February 6, 2004

Moderator, Telecommunications Roundtable

"Regulatory Federalism: National, Regional, and State Developments"

The Michigan Forum on Telecommunications and Energy Regulatory Policy

Institute of Public Utilities, Michigan State University


January 15-16, 2004

Panelist, "99 cent Songs and Other Novel Business Models for Digital AssetsIntellectual Property Rights in the Internet Age"

2004 FuturTech Conference

University of Michigan Business School


January 5, 2004

Presenter, "The Network of Contradictions"

"Media Law in the People's Republic of China," 

Section on Mass Communication Law

2004 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Law Schools

Atlanta, Georgia

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