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Russian Media Law and Policy in the Yeltsin Decade



Published by Kluwer Law International.

Edited by Monroe E. Price, 
Andrei Richter & Peter K. Yu

ISBN 90-411-8877-0

Hardback.  572 pp. + xiv


One of the great transitions as the Soviet Union dissolved involved the transformation of state broadcasting in Russia and the newly independent states. This book deals with the turmoil associated with struggles in Post-Soviet Russia: struggles for journalistic editorial autonomy, the bloody media wars between the Yeltsin government and the Russian parliament, the role of the media in the 1993 coup, and the role of the United States, other governments and non-government organizations in shaping the new media. The story in which the media oscillates between independence and renewed modes of control. The book includes more than 200 pages of documents including decisions and recommendations from the now-defunct Judicial Chamber for Information Disputes, media statutes and decrees, and reports and comments by the U.S. State Department and other media watchdogs.


Table of Contents


"Russian Media Law and Policy in the Yeltsin Decade: Essays and Documents offers an informed scrutiny of the trial and error process that the media experienced in post-Soviet Russia under Boris N. Yeltsin. . . . The book is an informative discussion of freedom of the press during the transition from a communist-controlled to a free press in Russia in the 1990s. . . . [S]tudents and scholars in international journalism, comparative media law, and press freedom will find the book directly relevant.  They ought to consider using it as a supplementary text for their journalism and mass communication classes in expanding their critical discussion of press freedom beyond the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution."

Prof. Kyu Ho Youm, Jonathan Marshall First Amendment Chair, University of Oregon

"Published under the series title 'Communications Law and Policy in Transition', . . . this collection provides a history of the fascinating, if troubled, relationship between state, law and media in the early years of post-Soviet Russia. . . . The publication of this collection usefully brings the material to the attention of a wider public, and should cause readers across Europe to reflect not only on the troubled relationship between media and state in Russia, but also in their own countries."

European Public Law, Sept. 2003

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